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We are on the hunt to find his mother. Join the Journey!

Dr. Apples’ Shop


Coming Soon…..

You ain’t never seen a piggy this plump. Coming soon, Acrylic Pins! 4 different designs. Oooh, I got goose bumps!

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Who is Dr. Apples?

Born in New Orleans, a long while ago (he’s vain about his age).He’s a doctor in his own mind. He’s more like a witch but don’t you dare call him this! Oddly enough he despises other witches. I think some of them took a few potential clients. He can hold a grudge. He enjoys Nola-style traditions, fancy-pants attire, Venti-Iced Soy Chai-Latte (no ice), and has a sweet spot for unicorns& children. Who knew?

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75 Apples Art Show

Dr. Apples' mother was kidnapped by fairies. Each year, Dr. Apples receives a doll that resembles his mother's essence. This November, Dr Apples will be showcasing his collection of dolls. ALL 75! Stay tuned for more information!

About the Artist

Lacye A. Brown was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She began doing art when she was little and continued to experiment with various forms of art throughout her life. It was a healthy outlet for expressions and creativity and became her first love. She went to college briefly and focused on writing but became disinterested in the field when she received harsh criticism from her professor in college. While in school, she had a part-time job and created handmade purses to sell to colleagues at work. She took a break from college to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Lacye directed her attention towards becoming a visual artist making contemporary large scale pieces. Although she knew she enjoyed the art genre, the contemporary scene wasn’t interesting to her. She noticed miniature sculptures and became interested in sculpting. She decided to go to school for business. While in school, AppleHead Toys was created in 2010 on the basis of a brand to sell her miniature sculpts. She watched countless online videos to learn various techniques and gain inspiration. Eventually, she formed her own style while experimenting with various techniques from other artistic genres. AppleHead Toys was a means to officially run a business focused on the arts. Since then, she has sculpted …

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Mission Statement

Dr. Apples LLC specializes in :

·         Custom Collector art

·         Custom Art Dolls

·         Sculptures of various kinds

·         Fictional Literature

·         Custom Piggy Banks

·         ….other smaller merchandise

Please visit our Shops for items for sale. Currently not commissions are being taken at this time. Sign up for the newsletter on the process of these lovely pieces and upcoming projects.